A Life of a woman.


Why is there a drastic difference between men and women? Why can’t people accept the fact that they are both the same yet slightly different in the way God made them.

There is this unfair thought process  that goes on inside even in the head of a woman…for instance they put into fact that the person who sits behind the wheels (be it four or two) is a man!

Why can’t a woman sit in front and drive it ? Why is it determined so easily even by women ? !

There are so many questions put up with equality and the way to treat women. Today there was news on kidnapping an actress and it was so easy for media to put up news just because she was a woman ! (Making rape stories about a woman is much for “fascinating” than raping a man).Why is there enthusiasm shown by all just because she’s a SHE ?!!

Yes, being a woman needs courage and confidence because the world we live in now insists on that. We can never be treated equal to men if we don’t demand it.

I am certainly not a feminist but I believe that something needs to be done with the uplifting of women because there are so many strong women left behind doing household works.

Trust me ladies you are better off with this world of tragedy sacrifices that you make everyday for the benefit of your family, put some time on your believes and dreams and do that because there is no much time left, the time God gave for humankind be it man or woman are equal and maybe sometimes you will have to go earlier so do everything in the world as soon as possible. Don’t wait for your men to come and pick on you or treat you as garbage, trust yourself before anyone else because there is no one else better than yourself, more that that there is no one that can be you. I believe being a woman is a gift rather than a curse just because of the fact that we are capable of being so much stronger than men, I bet none of them can go through the stages of laboring a child or even go through one month of menstrual cycle. So believe you are capable and save your sacrifices and stop dreaming and dreaming more, believe yourself and just do it ? NO! JUST DO IT !

“Gather up courage but never your rage” – Estelle Edwin.


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